Where is cancer research based?

Where is the Cancer Research UK headquarters?

As part of our International Cancer Prevention Programme, we support research partners in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to cultivate evidence and influence policy.

Where do Cancer Research UK operate?

Our Institutes

Alongside the CRUK Beatson Institute in Glasgow, the CRUK Cambridge Institute and the CRUK Manchester Institute, we’re partners in the multidisciplinary Francis Crick Institute in London – Europe’s largest single-location biomedical research institute.

Who runs cancer research?

Michelle Mitchell OBE joined November 2018. She is responsible for the overall leadership and management of CRUK, the world’s leading charitable funder of research.

Is cancer research funded by the Government?

Cancer research in the UK is funded from three main sources: research charities, industry and the Government.

How many stores does Cancer Research UK have?

Find your local shops

There are 600 Cancer Research UK shops across the country, from high streets to out-of-town superstores.

How Has Cancer Research UK been successful?

Drug discovery

We are the world’s most successful academic institution at discovering new cancer treatments. Since 2005 alone, we have discovered 20 drug candidates, 11 of which have progressed into clinical development. We have also led radiotherapy trials which have transformed clinical practice.

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Is Cancer Research UK a private limited company?

Cancer Research UK, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, is governed by a Council of Trustees, the Charity’s board of directors. The Council of Trustees is led by the Chair, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. …

How is Cancer Research UK funded?

Our total income for 2017/18 was £634 million. This was raised through: Donations (£192 million) – Donations included regular gifts, major donations and money raised by local fundraising groups and corporate partners. … Royalties and grants (£101 million) – Royalty income was generated from treatments we have developed.

Does cancer research have limited liability?

Limitation of liability

Cancer Research UK will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages (even if foreseeable) whether based on contract, tort or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Who was Cancer Research UK founded by?

The co founders of CancerHelp UK were Nick James and Sally Tweddle. Nick James is a cancer specialist at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. He is also a Professor of Oncology at the University of Birmingham Institute for Cancer Studies.

Is cancer research a nonprofit?

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is a top-rated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 13-1837442) that upholds the highest standards of fiscal responsibility, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

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What does cancer research actually do?

We fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. We also provide cancer information to the public.